Saturday, April 27, 2013

My New Pink Sony Vaio E-Series Custom Touchscreen Laptop

Hi guys! My Sony Vaio Laptop came in recently and I am very happy. Okay, I admit, I only got it for the color. It took me forever to find the perfect shade of pink like this and Sony was the only one who had it. I had posted all this on my Tumblr Blog but I didn't go much into detail. (Excuse my Tumblr watermarks!) I had ordered it off from the Sony Store online for about $800. This is from the E-Series Touchscreen Laptops which starts from about $670 but you can customize a few things. I had my name engraved on the corner of the laptop . There were many colors to choose from and there was an option to choose a soft pastel-metallic pink (like this one) or a soft solid baby pink color. This laptop measures about 14 inches (1600x900) and has an LED backlit display. I had at least 1 Terabyte put in for the hard drive. This also comes with a CD/DVD player/ Burner but you can also have them add the Blue-Ray feature.The pink Vaio Mouse has the same exact color as the laptop but I had to purchase it separately for $30.


  1. Now still can find this Laptop? I LOVE PINK SO MUCH><

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  4. Hihihih, i just bought this exact same Laptop. It was even a good deal, i got it for 191 dollar. Cant wait to customize the Ui to make it truly kawaii. I hope you have much fun with yours!