Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Previous Large Cute Shopping Haul from Sanrio ^_^ HELLO KITTY Galore!

I had posted this on my Tumblr blog a little while ago but I find it to be more fitting for this blog. I absolutely love anything pink or deep red and pretty...and this lot has a good variety of it! My dear boyfriend actually bought all of this for me so I was very happy about it. He knows about my cute addiction.

Cute My Melody and Cinnamoroll sticker sheets

4 Sweet Honey Sticks, 2 little Hello Kitty Marshmallows one filled with chocolate and the other filled with strawberry, 3 bags of Pink Hot chocolate, grape Hello Kitty Lollipop, and Kuromi Bubblegum.

1 Hello Kitty Mini Sticker booklet, a cute pencil, and a Little spiral notebook

Dotty phone keychain/strap, a hello kitty postcard (i think) a big ducky sticker (not sure of the name), and a small waterbottle. 

2 different styles of Hello kitty nail decals and a lipstick  Glossbar in strawberry.

A miniature Bonsai Garden that you can grow over time and a cute bunny bath-sponge.

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  1. Hello Kitty FTW!